Hi, I'm Tracy Fox, creator of the One Minute Bible Study and certified life coach.

I created the One Minute Bible Study because I believe that all the answers for how to live a successful, happy, productive and meaningful life are clearly stated in the Bible.

However, most of us neither have the time nor the belief that we can interpret the Bible on our own. It seems complicated and not relevant to our modern 21st century life.

The goal of the OMBS is to educate men and women on the Biblical principles and strategies that can be used daily. Each study is thoughtfully researched and broken down into bite-size, inspirational and applicable biblical truth.

The Bible has withstood the test of time because it is simply the greatest book ever written. It is enriching, uplifting, and always transformational because it connects you to the most powerful resource in the universe…God, Himself.

But don’t judge a book by its cover. Subscribe to the One Minute Bible Study and decide for yourself! It's free!

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Beyond OMBS

Coaching is about deepening insight and furthering action toward the attainment of any goal. It can help you to:

~ Get your life back on track
~ Organize your thinking
~ Find a deeper connection to God
~ Feel better about yourself and your surroundings
~ Discover a life long peace

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