Hi, I’m Tracy Fox, NYU Certified Personal Life Coach, Author and Founder of Having A Heart For God. I have dedicated this website to inspiring you to live a successful, happy, productive and meaningful life.

What I know for certain, is that when we put God first in everything we think, say and do, we live a sweeter, more empowered life.  I have incorporated this philosophy into my very successful Life Coaching practice, my bestselling Daily Devotional Book, my weekly email blast, ”Empower Yourself” and all of my events.

Saint Augustine rightly observed, “Each of us have a God-shaped hole in our soul and we will not rest until we find rest in Thee.”  I sincerely hope you will find the answers you seek by joining the Having A Heart For God community with one of our many offerings.



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Having A Heart For God Devotional


A “best of” collection of 365 One Minute Bible Studies,

renowned for their ability to simplify Scripture and show how they apply to modern day life.

One for each day of the year!


“This is the most authentically heartfelt, best-researched, practical and well-written devotional I have ever read! It’s truly a blessing.”

“Having a Heart for God is a must-have book for anyone looking for inspiration and daily guidance on how to live the life God intended you to have. If this doesn’t inspire you to begin your own study of the Bible, I don’t know what will! I highly recommend this fantastic book!”



Coaching CTAalt

I work with hundreds of men and women every year as they discover the power of personal coaching. Coaching is about deepening insight and furthering action toward the attainment of your life goals.

– Get Unstuck

– Create A Dynamic Life

– Enjoy Marriage Again

– Overcome Anger & Anxiety

– Find A Meaningful Career

– Discover Solutions for Adult ADHD

– Establish a Happy Home Life

– Discover Lasting Peace

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