About OMBS

What Is The One Minute Bible Study?

The One Minute Bible Study is bite-sized biblical education & inspiration, delivered daily via email 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Each day you will receive an amazing lesson on a specific biblical principle that is thoughtfully researched and broken down into bite-size, inspirational and applicable biblical truth.

What makes the OMBS different from anything you have experienced before is that you will be both EDUCATED about the Bible and INSPIRED by God’s Word daily.  Scripture will be presented to you in a simple, user-friendly, apply-it to-your-modern-busy-life-today format.

Readers tell us the OMBS is the “best minute of their day”.

The OMBS will educate you. ground you, uplift you, and ultimately enrich you in ways only God could have imagined.

The result is you will have more peace, more purpose and more connection to God’s will for your life.


The One Minute Bible study will not only help you uncover the secrets of Scripture,

 but it will touch you at a heart and soul level as well.

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